Counseling Services

SASS Counseling Services

Counseling services will start in September, 2017! You may reach out now to start the process.

SASS’ Counseling Clinic offers free counseling services to sexual assault survivors as well as the partners, friends and family of survivors.  Our counselor has experience in providing trauma-specific care to help survivors of sexual assault heal. To access SASS counseling services, please call our office at 541-484-9791 ex. 315 to discuss services and possibly schedule an intake.

We offer individual and group counseling to survivors who:

  • Are 15 years or older
  • Have been sexually assaulted in the past.

If you are seeking to work through the fallout from a traumatic experience, our SASS counselor may be able to help. Counseling at SASS may include processing the actual trauma, or working on the remnants left from the trauma, such as boundary setting struggles, self-worth issues, how to manage emotions connected to our past, struggles with developing trust with others or forming intimate relationships, and much more.

We offer individual and occasionally group counseling to the partners, friends and family of survivors’ who:

  • Are 15 years or older
  • Are part of the support network of a survivor.

If you are seeking support for the vicarious trauma experienced by being close to someone who was sexually assaulted, our SASS counselor may be able to help.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is typically 50-minute sessions once each week. You and your counselor will work together to develop a treatment plan with achievable outcomes. Our SASS counselor understands how trauma affects many areas of your life, often long after the initial healing may have taken place. Whether you need to process your specific traumatic experience, or are looking to work through some of the fallout that is a product from your past trauma, our SASS counselor may be able to help. Counseling at SASS involves an eclectic approach, not holding rigidly to a single set of assumptions or theories. Instead, your counselor will draw on multiple theories and styles of counseling to find the best path for each individual client. For example, some theories used are Internal Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavior Theory, Dialectical Behavior Theory, Mindfulness Theory, as well as others. Your counselor will work with you to gain an understanding on how the sexual assault has impacted you, which trauma symptoms you may be experiencing, what types of coping strategies you have been using, which coping strategies you might want to try, as well as which trauma-reprocessing and integration techniques might be helpful, and what your goals are for counseling.


Initial Session

Counseling at SASS starts with a phone conversation with our counselor. You and her will discuss our counseling services offered and to gather necessary information from you. If both you and your counselor agree to it, an initial session is scheduled, and you will be sent (or can pick up) an information packet. This packet will need to be completed prior to your initial session. Please allow UP TO 2 hours for this initial appointment so you and your counselor can review your forms, discuss your reasons for seeking counseling, plan how your counselor might be able to help you achieve your goals,and potentially fill out an assessment. During this initial visit you and your counselor will determine how many sessions are available to you.


Due to our community needs, there are times when the use of a wait-list is necessary. When this happens, we will work with you to locate other counseling services within the community so you have options available, and we will notify you as soon as we have an opening.

SASS Counselor

Counseling is provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor, who is a registered intern with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. In addition, our SASS counselor is closely supervised by a PhD level Psychologist and a Nationally Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor.


All services are free and confidential. Counselors are mandatory reporters. How this might affect you will be clearly explained during your intake appointment both verbally and in writing.

Support and Counseling Groups

SASS Counseling Clinic offers a variety of groups including drop-in groups where you attend when you can fit it into your schedule or have a specific need for support. In addition, SASS offers closed groups that are scheduled for a specific number of weeks on a specific topic or theme such as boundaries, self-worth, journaling, emotional intelligence, and more. Support groups can be an important part of healing for survivors as they decrease the sense of isolation that many feel and can be helpful in working through interpersonal challenges. For more information on groups, visit our Support Groups page or contact us about current group offerings at SASS by calling 541-484-9791 ex. 315 or via email at