What is SASS’s Latinx Connection Program?

SASS recognizes the need for culturally- and linguistically-specific services. The Latinx Connection Program offers:

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy services to Latinx survivors of sexual violence. 
  • Outreach to organizations and community groups.
  • Linguistically- and culturally-specific information about sexual violence and SASS services.
Current programs include:
Mujeres Support Group

An 8-week support group for self-identified Latina women, facilitated in Spanish. This group is held twice a year, usually in the Spring and Fall. Food and childcare is provided. The group is held at the Centro Latino Americano offices. 

For more information about dates and times for this group please contact the Latinx Connection Coordinator at 541-484-9791 o latinx@sass-lane.org


SASS is able to provide counseling services in Spanish through a partnership with Centro Latino Americano. For more information regarding this service please contact our Latinx Connection Coordinator at 541-484-9791 or latinx@sass-lane.org

Apoyo Para Quienes Apoyan

A support group for self-identified Latinx providers in Lane County, held on the last Friday of the month. This is a great opportunity to connect, find referral options, and feel supported by others who understand the demands of this work. Come hang out for as much or as little of the 2 hours as you are able. Registration is required as space is limited. 

Who is invited? Anyone who is part of the Latinx community and works as a service provider; this includes advocates, teachers, counselors, psychologists, therapists, social workers, interns, and others in the helping professions. If you are unsure if you are a good fit, or have other questions, please contact us at 541-484-9791 or latinx@sass-lane.org