What is SASS’s Latinx Connection Program?

SASS recognizes the need for culturally- and linguistically-specific services. The Latinx Connection Program offers:

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy services to Latinx survivors of sexual violence. 
  • Outreach to organizations and community groups.
  • Linguistically- and culturally-specific information about sexual violence and SASS services.
Current programs include:
Mujeres Support Group

A weekly support group for self-identified Latina women, facilitated in Spanish. This group is held twice a year, usually in the Spring and Fall. Food and childcare is provided. The group is held at the Centro Latino Americano offices or online. 

COVID-19 update: currently, all support groups are held online. Support groups are confidential and meet over Zoom. 

For more information and to register, please contact the Latinx Connection Coordinator at 541-603-8177 o latinx@sass-lane.org


SASS is able to provide counseling services in Spanish through a partnership with Centro Latino Americano. For more information regarding this service please contact our Latinx Connection Coordinator at 541-484-9791 or latinx@sass-lane.org

Apoyo Para Quienes Apoyan

A support group for self-identified Latinx providers in Oregon, held on the last Friday of the month. This is a great opportunity to connect, converse, share, and feel supported by others who understand the lived experience of being Latinx.

Who is invited? Anyone who identifies as Latinx and works as a service provider; this includes advocates, teachers, counselors, psychologists, therapists, social workers, interns, and others in the helping professions. If you are unsure if you are a good fit, or have other questions, please contact us at 541-484-9791 or latinx@sass-lane.org