Introducing SASS’s special summer program:

SASS is pleased to offer this free, 8-week, closed group for survivors seeking to develop a healthier relationship with sex and sexuality. Group meetings will be held online and survivors can expect to explore questions like:

  • How is trauma experienced in the body?
  • What do people mean when they say “rape culture,” “purity culture,” and “consent culture”?
  • What place do anatomy, desire, and pleasure have in healthy sexuality?
  • How can survivors (re)claim their sexuality after trauma?

Meetings will be held online from 3:30-5pm on Wednesdays from 8/5-9/23, covering topics like consent, sexual decision making, anatomy, and the ways that trauma is experienced in the body.

UPDATE, 7/13: as of this morning, we are no longer taking registrations. The interest in this program has been overwhelming; within 24 hours of opening registration, the group was full, and within 3 days, we had three times more registrations than available seats. Click here to be added to a mailing list for future Healthy Sexuality groups, courses, and events.

If you are feeling activated by this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Crisis and Support Hotline at 541-343-7277 or 844-404-7700.

If you have questions, you are welcome to connect with Martina Shabram, Engaging Allies Coordinator: or 541-221-3308

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “closed group”?
Unlike our drop-in support groups, where people can choose each week whether or not to participate, closed groups are for people who want to commit to attending the whole series. We also limit the number of people who can participate in each closed group. Having that kind of environment can be helpful for some people who want to dig deeper into specific issues with a supportive group of others who go through the process together.

Who can participate?
Anyone over 18 years old who has experienced sexual violence in their life is invited to participate. This closed group is for people of all genders.

What platform will you be using?
For this closed group, we will be using Zoom. We will be following all confidentiality, privacy, and security recommendations, but Zoom is a 3rd party platform, so we cannot guarantee protection from malicious eavesdropping.

What technology do I need?
Zoom is easily accessible through any web browser or via an app for phone/tablet; participants do not have to purchase anything. If you would like to participate but don’t have access to these tools, please contact us.

How will you protect privacy?
The only information we are collecting is an email address where we can send the invitation and any other relevant information. No identifying information about participants, including the email address used to register, will be stored or shared with any person, organization, or entity. We also require participants to adhere to our guidelines. Participants agree to prevent other people from seeing or hearing the meeting and to never record or screen capture the meeting.

Do I have to use my webcam or my real name?
No! You can choose to share your webcam or not. You can also choose to assign yourself whatever name you are comfortable with.

Is this closed group free?
Yes! Our services are always free for survivors.

Is this the same as a support group?
Yes and no. Support groups are led by experienced staff members who are trained to facilitate a group of peers to share their experiences, process their feelings, practice new skills, and support one another in a safe and collaborative environment. This group will absolutely have those features. However, this group will have more of an educational component, including presentations and discussion.

Is this the same as counseling or group therapy?
No. Counseling and group therapy are specific types of mental health treatment facilitated by trained and licensed mental health providers. If you are interested in individual counseling, please see our Counseling Services page.

Education and Outreach at SASS

The Education and Outreach program at SASS aims to educate the community about the dynamics of sexual violence, what services are available for survivors, and how sexual violence can be prevented. This education is offered in order to increase the community’s access to services as well as to foster a healthy community environment.

SASS is dedicated to increasing access to services for underserved populations, such as individuals with disabilities, individuals living in rural areas, the Latinx community, LGBTQIA+, and youth and college students.

Community Presentations

SASS provides presentations and training on sexual violence to a wide range of groups, such as classrooms, civic groups, service providers, etc., and we can tailor our presentations to meet your needs. Common presentation topics include: Dynamics of Sexual Violence, Sexual Violence Prevention, Supporting Survivors through Trauma-Informed Care, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact our office at 541-221-3308 or send an email to

Training for Professionals

Many professionals struggle to know how to respond when a person they’re working with makes a disclosure of trauma. Successfully navigating these situations is hard, especially when professional duties and requirements (such as mandatory reporting) are at odds with the needs or desires of the client. Yet getting comfortable responding positively to disclosures is an essential skill; for example, research has shown that having a negative disclosure experience can lead to negative emotional outcomes for survivors of sexual violence. SASS provides specialized trainings oriented specifically to the needs of different workplaces, helping staffers gain more confidence in their toolkit for working with survivors. We also offer consulting services to support agencies in developing policies and practices that mitigate institutional trauma/betrayal. For more information, please contact our office at 541-221-3308 or send an email to

Tabling at Events

SASS is particularly interested in connecting with the general community as well as a wide range of specific populations in order to spread the word about our services. We are interested in being a part of events, activities, and discussions around Lane County. If you would like SASS to participate in your event, please contact our office at 541-221-3308 or send an email to

Youth Education Groups

Research shows that the most effective prevention strategies attempt to engage a small group of youth (5-15) over a sustained period of time (6-12 sessions, once a week) as opposed to doing quick one-time presentations with larger groups. The intent is to reduce social norms that encourage violence and to promote social norms that protect against it. Within our small groups, we engage in discussions and activities that explore both the causes of violence and the many ways that students can create a culture in their communities where violence is not tolerated. If you are interested in this program or would like more information, please contact our office at 541-221-3308 or send an email to

Rural Outreach

SASS recognizes that survivors living in rural and isolated areas face additional barriers when trying to access resources and services. SASS’ Rural Outreach program focuses on increasing awareness and accessibility of our services throughout all of Lane County. If your rural community is interested in learning more about our services please contact our office at 541-484-9791 or send an email to