Scheduling Portal for Counseling Clients

SASS Counseling now has a Portal for Scheduling!!

If you are a established counseling client at SASS and want to be able to schedule future appointments, make changes to current appointments, check your counselors availability, you may do so once you have received an email invite to set up an account. If you have not received an email invite from your counselor and would like one, please ask at your next appointment. We will get you set up right away!

If you have already received an invite via email, please click on the portal image below. You will be redirected to set up an account, giving you access to scheduling.


If you experience any difficulty using this portal, please report it by emailing so I can look into it. This is a new system, and there will no doubt be some bugs to work out. Thank you for your patience!

You can also schedule appointments by contacting Rebecca, our SASS counselor, at 541-484-9791 ex 315