2018 Second Annual Women’s Retreat- “Past, Present & Future” Wrap-up!


Our Second Annual Women’s Retreat was a great hit this year!! Twenty courageous women spent two days exploring self, and self care.

Quotes from participants evaluations:

“Very positive experience. Felt safe and nurturing.”

“Very well done! I would recommend to other trauma survivors.”


“…Provided a path for hope.”

Watch for information on the Third Annual Women’s Retreat – 2019!

If you insure you don’t miss out on next years retreat, please contact Rebecca at 541-484-9791 to find out how to receive an early bird notification!


SASS is holding it’s Second Annual Women’s Retreat in March of this year! We have lots of exciting activities planned for the two days. Below you will find a bit of inside scoop on some of what you will be experiencing if you decide to  join us!

2018 Women’s Retreat


Spots will fill quickly! You can register here: 2018 SASS Women’s Retreat – “Past, Present & Future” or by calling Rebecca, our SASS counselor, at 541-484-9791 or via email at supportgroup@sass-lane.org

Both of the registration options above are step one and will hold your spot until you  complete & return a formal registration form to finalize your registration, insuring your spot is saved for you! You can obtain the form by contacting SASS. The form can be mailed to you, sent in email attachment, or picked up at our office.

The Inside Scoop!

  • Back by popular demand, Jessica Christensen certified fitness & nutrition coach,  will present an activity around mindful eating so we can discover what slowing down to appreciate each bite can feel like!
  • Build relationships with other women that often last a lifetime!
  • Explore what from your past you might be holding onto that is weighing you down & practice letting go of that which is heavy.
  • Discover what is within your circle of control in a fun & engaging activity, & become empowered to make positive changes in your life!
  • Eugene’s very own Sizzle Pie  is supporting this event by donating some special order,  amazing pies for us to enjoy at lunch time!
  • Find new ways to appreciate the present moment by learning mindfulness skills you can use long after the retreat is over!
  • We will explore and experience  Somatic Whole Body Healing with the guidance of Jen Donovan, a Somatic Mental Health Therapist.
  • Create a vision for the future with a hands on creation activity, & learn ways to reach towards that vision to change your life!
  • Hear from Dr. Cara DiMarco  about the highly regarded Women in Transition Program she developed for women attending Lane Community College.
  • Experience Yoga Nidra with Aricha Pluid, who believes that by gazing inward on a regular basis, we can go outward with more trust, love, and ultimately, purpose.
  • The Register Guard has donated rolls of paper for an activity for the retreat, so I want to give them a “shout out” thank you as well!
  • Benjamin Wilkinson, principle of Stop Drop & Yoga, has helped promote the events & is offering a free Yoga Class pass card for all who attend the retreat!
  • Plus so much more!

The people & businesses above have donated their time & resources to help support this event. <insert applause here!>